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Email and Note Templates


Image of Email and Note Templates

Emails and notes to accompany our workflow and enhance yours! These correspondence pieces were written by a professional copywriter and can enhance sales and bookings, elevate your client experience, and get you out of some sticky situations!

1. Initial Inquiry Email
2. Response to Inquiry Not Through Contact Form (Need More Information) Email
3. Booking Proposal Email
4. Questionnaire Email
5. Timeline Email
6. Pre-Engagement Session Email
7. Pre-Bridal Session Email
8. Proofs Are Ready Email (If Client Doesn't Own Digital Files)
9. Proofs Are Ready Email (If Client Owns Digital Files)
10. Move It or Lose It Email (For Ghosted Inquiries)
11. Break Up - Not The Right Fit Email
12. Post Wedding Email
13. To The Parents - Note
14. Welcome Gift Note 1
15. Sunday Weddings Email
16. Client Requesting Weekend or Sunday Session Date - Email
17. Album Proofing Email
18. 90 Days Prior To Wedding Note
19. 30 Days Prior To Wedding Note
20. Blog Comment Contest Email
21. After the Wedding Preview Prints Note
22. Meet & Greet Sales Session Email
23. Preview Party (IPS) Email
24. Album Delivery Note
25. Welcome Gift Note 2
26. Vendor Relationship Building Email
27. Sharing Images With Vendors Email
28. Wedding Planner Post Wedding Email